Bursty behaviour is characterised by intervals of rapidly occurring events separated by long periods of inactivity. The main feature of such a phenomenon is the power law distribution of the inter-event times, i.e., of the intervals between consecutive actions or events.

Bursty time series have been observed in seismic activity, the firing pattern of neurons or in solar flares. From the empirical point of view one of the most apparent feature of human burstiness is its robustness across very different kinds of human activities.

The goal of this satellite is twofold: On the one hand, to present recent results on human bursty behaviour, including empirical analysis, theoretical developments and computer simulations; on the other hand, to open the opportunity for cross-learning information from current research in several fields, where burstiness plays important role to enhance methodologies of analysing bursty activities.


Yérali Gandica: ygandica@gmail.com (Université de Namur)
János Kertész:
janos.kertesz@gmail.com (Central European University)
Jari Saramäki:
jari.saramaki@aalto.fi (Aalto University)